A New Beginning

7 04 2009

Hey there and welcome to the blog of Branden Barrett. I am currently a freelancer whose always looking for available work in the field of video game journalism. At the moment I have a job with several video game groups, one of such being NSider2.com.  So head over there if you want to check out up-to-date reviews, previews, news, and so on within the world of Nintendo. Within the confines of this blog you can look forward to some rants, reviews, impressions, and other hijinks from the video game world.

Been wanting to get a blog going for a while now and decided to use WordPress after seeing several of the Gamespot editors using it. Still need to improve the layout and format, but that will come when I get enough free time to play around with this thing. Also, if you want to check out some of my earlier reviews from my user account days on Gamespot and GameFAQs, head over to this link.

Take it easy and welcome to the void.




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