Iwata: “Wii In Unhealthy Condition” – Uh Oh

9 04 2009

wiiSales =/= Quality

According to report figures in Japan, Wii sales are currently at the lowest they’ve been in quite some time.  What does this mean?  Are people finally catching on that there isn’t enough to play on the system?  Or perhaps everyone in Japan already owns one.  Either way I do think Iwata is exaggerating that statement just a bit.  I mean the Wii has been the top sales performer amongst primary consoles over the last two years in the western country.  Just because the PS3 has begun to keep up with it doesn’t mean the system’s condition is “unhealthy.”  If that’s truly the case then I wonder how they felt about the N64 and Gamecube’s sales — yeesh.

The following was said by the Nintendo president himself, “The Wii is in the most unhealthy condition since it hit the Japanese market. The current condition in the Japanese market is not the one we want.”  After analyzing this statement, I feel I have to give Nintendo a little bit of advice.  Stop allowing so much crap to saturate your system’s gaming catalogue.


“Good lord, what will they think of next?  Wait, don’t answer that…”

What ever happened to the Nintendo Seal of Quality?  At this point in the game, Nintendo is surviving primarily on the “uniqueness” of their newest toy.  What they need to do is man up and start damage controlling what can and cannot get published for their system.  No more Party Babyz, Hello Kitty, and Generic Carnival Game #94.  Get back to basics and tell these developers to do what they are doing for the DS; providing quality titles that aren’t getting too lazy or “innovative” for their own good.

Iwata later goes on to say that a price cut isn’t a good option at this point.  Well, that’s a given.  Nintendo’s systems are the cheapest of the Big 3 this generation, so there is no need to go lower than they currently are.  The resolution to all this is right under their noses, but of course they are too busy counting their money to see it.  Nevertheless, am I glad that Nintendo is making money?  Sure, but not at the cost of ruining their reputation.  Among hardcore gamers their credibility is starting to dip and it will definitely take some quality, non-gimmicky titles to get them back on the pedestal.  For in the end, who is it that will keep coming back to buy their games?  Casual parents who will grab anything off the shelf or that Nintendo fan who’s been buying their games for over 15 years?


“Ah, much easier on the eyes.”

It’ll be interesting to see how things develop over the next few months or so.

Source: Nintendo.com




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