Bleach 353 Review *Spoilers*

11 04 2009


Spoilers Ahead – Don’t Read If You Haven’t Seen The Chapter!

Since my blog just opened up this week, I have not had a chance to review the whole battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra; luckily for me, I get a chance to review the most important piece — the finale.

Now a lot of people seemed to be discontent about what transpired toward the end of the fight.  Leaving off from last week, we saw that Hollow Ichigo launched an enormous cero blast onto an attacking Ulquiorra.  Though a lot of people thought that that would have been the end of the quiet villain, it wouldn’t quite have been the right way to close the fight.  I mean, who likes it when a bad guy you’ve been following for a while is unexpectedly defeated?  The fight has gone back and forth over the last few weeks, with each combatant getting more powerful every time the other raised it up a notch.  This makes for a classic shounen showdown and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  If you can honestly say that you haven’t enjoyed the battle that has taken place here over the last two months, then I must question your anime fandom.  Dragonball Z left quite an impression on the world of anime fighting, and though it is at times cleverly covered by unexpected plots or character development, nothing will ever change the classic protagonist vs. antagonist climax.

Now what truly got a lot of fans frustrated was the fact that Ichigo was unaware what transpired after he came to.  A lot of people thought that he was “somewhat” in control of that bizarre transformation, which I think is kind of strange.  If he was in control, he wouldn’t of stabbed Ishida in the stomach and later said, “whoops did I do that?”  It seemed like Ichigo’s subconcious was truly the only thing active while his primitive form was rampaging across the top of Los Noches.  Ichigo will most likely retain some memory eventually, but for now the shock of it all has him a bit confused.  Also, he goes on to complain that he wasn’t the one who got to truly finish the fight between them.  Well Ichigo, I would sympathize with you if not for the fact that you lost when it was just “you” and Ulquiorra fighting it out.  Last time I checked, a hole in one’s chest usually signals the loss of a fight; that’s some endurance eh?

Nevertheless, we eventually come to the end where poor Ulq realizes that he can no longer hold back the after-effect of the blast and begins to fade away.  Though a lot of people were wondering why he faded away rather than just fall to the ground, it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  Both Kariya from the Bounto arc and Zomari both faded away after being given death blows.  Why do they disappear?  Who knows.  Maybe it was just a clever way to get rid of Ulquiorra so Orihime wouldn’t have any chance of bringing him back; you know how good guys are right?

Only complaint I had this chapter was the “forced” closure between Ulquiorra and Orihime.  I mean, the poor girl has just spent the last couple of weeks being terrified of the guy, only to reach out to him at the end.  I guess when there’s no longer a threat one can show some compassion.  Is it truly the end of Ulquiorra though?  We’ll have to see, but one quote really stands out to me:

“If you don’ t kill me now, it will never be over”  – Ulquiorra

Perhaps he was saying that to Ichigo to get him to get over his fear of killing or “playing fair.”  Or perhaps there is a hidden meaning to that phrase.  That’s the great thing about Bleach, you can never quite pinpoint what’s going on in the author’s head.  It is for that reason that his fans both love and hate him.  I personally just love seeing the quarrels that go on about this stuff.

So, all’s well that ends well I suppose.  It will be interesting to see what Ichigo does now that he has unlocked yet another form, but for now, he has done all that he needs to in Hueco Muendo.  I am looking forward to seeing how the Karakura Town fights are playing out, especially the battle between Captain Shunsui and Stark.  I want to see some Bankai’s and releases!

Chapter Rating – 8/10




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17 03 2010

it’s called stockholm syndrome you moron, with ulquiorra and orihimie. “forced closure”?…learn some stuff before you talk.

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