World of Warcraft Patch 3.1 (Dual Spec/Ulduar) Now Live!

15 04 2009


To think I wrote a rant just a few days ago about the lack of stuff to do in this game; I guess Blizzard heard me.  Patch 3.1 arrived today, to the glee of millions of bored MMORPG fanatics.  Things didn’t go smoothly though, since a majority of the servers were down till as late as 9 PM EST.  Nevertheless, Blizzard has apparently fixed the problems, since I am now able to get online.  Now to go over what’s new with patch 3.1:

  • Ulduar raid, with both 10 and 25 man versions
  • Ground mounts can now swim
  • Argent Tournament – A new PvE battle zone in which you help particular factions fight for their respective cities (rewards you with weapons, tabards, mounts, special items, etc.)
  • Dual Specialization (Finally!) – A 1000 gold fee is required at the beginning, with standard costs implemented afterward — Free respecs rewarded when you first log in
  • Some minor Wintergrasp changes (more NPCs, vehicle tweaks)
  • New VoA Boss
  • Talent tree revisions for all classes

All in all some major stuff taking place here — which is fine by me.

See you all in game!




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