Virtual On Coming to the XBL Arcade

26 04 2009


Gundams on Acid

I can faintly recall spending hours and hours with this game in the early stages of the new millennium.  The Nintendo 64 was entering its last run, the PlayStation 2 was making headlines, and the Dreamcast was just getting its foothold in the gaming industry.  A game that made up for a lot of my Dreamcast play time was Virtual On: Ontario Tangram; you know, that game you always saw in the arcades.  Whether it was at the local bowling alley or at home in front of my crappy television, Virtual On exemplified everything cool about video games: giant robots and huge explosions.


“Even after nearly a decade, VO: OT still looks sexy.”

Well, fortunately for us, Sega has decided to throw us old-school folk a bone.  Virtual On: Ontario Tangram will be arriving on the XBLA April 29th for 1200 MS points.  Now a lot of people have been complaining about the higher game prices, but get over it people; 15 dollars for action like this is totally worth it.  Whether you are an arcade junkie or a fan of the Gundam series, Virtual On is certainly worth it for those who lost their old Dreamcast copy.


“Get your waggle on”

Oh, and yea the 360 controller will probably suck control wise, but that’s why arcade controllers exist.  If your local game store doesn’t have a 360 arcade stick be sure to look at some imported units.  You’ll thank me later.




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