Why the Video Game Industry is Reaching New Heights

4 05 2009


The underrated ancient of the gaming industry

Video gaming has come a very long way since the late seventies and early eighties. No longer is gaming simply known as the smaller side-venue to television and movies. From greater technology and the insertion of DVD players in systems to character icons and game based movies, the industry has risen to unbelievably popular heights. What makes this rise in popularity so amazing is that just twenty-five years ago, the industry was on the verge of collapse. Hundreds and hundreds of horrendous titles flooded the Atari and Intellivision systems, with just about every random person trying their hands at developing a game. From porn simulators to notoriously bad titles such as E.T. being the prime suspects, things couldn’t have looked any bleaker. However, one particular gaming company had something in mind and it was this organization that turned things around.

linkThe Hero of Time…and the video game industry

Yes, the company that I am referring to is none other than Nintendo. Originating as a card making company in the late eighteen-hundreds, Nintendo tried their hand at the gaming industry going into 1981. With classics like Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and the Legend of Zelda, Nintendo quickly established themselves at the top, dominating the market for years. Soon after, Sega arrived, and a new, healthy rival made its way into the fray. These two companies brought something along that the industry desperately needed: quality. Both gamers and non-gamers alike could now purchase titles confidently, knowing the games they were purchasing were by trustworthy organizations. With more and more companies joining in and newer technologies on the rise, the video game industry was on its way up.

It is that rise that has brought the video game world, as a whole, to the commanding state it is today. Online gaming, motion sensing, rumble sensitivity, and more, all represent the advances companies have made over the last two decades. With compact discs and newer formats, companies can now make games with longer length, better graphics, and more intricate physics. AI is a lot more intelligent, giving players a much greater challenge. Sure, there is still a lot of trash in the mix, but that is to be expected. And for any gamer that has been involved with the industry since the eighties, they can surely attest to the insurmountable leap in quality. Hey, when you look over your friends shoulder and notice he is taking on over twenty gamers from all around the world, you can’t help but be impressed.

With the buzz going on in the industry now-a-days, it is easy to understand why it has even outgrown the movie industry. The potential for developers is limitless and it is much easier to get your foot in the door with companies like EA, Blizzard, and Sony present. From game designer and software engineer to programmer and story writer, the jobs available certainly contain variety, with enough to go around for any educated gamer. If making a game isn’t your thing then why not write “about” games. Companies like CNET and Ziff Davis watch over popular gaming sites like Gamespot and 1UP, each with their own style of writing and content. And for those a little younger, you can always work for retail divisions such as Gamecrazy or Gamestop (not to be confused with “Gamespot”).

Bringing the topic back to Nintendo, what they have done with the Wii is certainly astounding. With its stock constantly sold out of stores and nearly twelve million purchased worldwide, it is on pace to be the greatest selling console of all time. What makes this so incredible is that the system has only been out ten months. The appeal comes from the motion sensing feature present within the controllers. With a flick of the rest, you can swing a sword, tackle an adversary, or move a race car. The visual appeal this brings to the table is unique and brings people of different ages together a lot easier. Don’t be surprised if you walk into your room and find your grandparents playing your copy of Wii Sports. You may be a little creeped out though.

ps360wii1The Seventh Generation

All in all, what was once considered childish and meaningless by many is now a mainstream phenomenon. With just two decades of advancement, video games are now looked at in the same picture as movies and television. With sleeker console appearances, better visuals, recognizable characters, and DVD compatibility, there should be no confusion to the industry’s broad appeal. Sure we may occasionally want to relive the classics, but that is why it’s wise to hang on to those older systems. Even if you’ve lost them, modern systems like the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360, all have an online service where you can download those forgotten favorites. It is the strong foundation, advertising, technology, and claim to quality, that has pushed the video game industry to new heights, and the sky is the limit.




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