Best Drinks to Add Rum to

5 05 2009


Rum, Captain Morgan’s or Jack Daniels in particular, has long been a drink that many associate as a top tier drink.  Created back in Barbados in the 14th Century and now manufactured in the Caribbean and South American countries, Rum is now a worldwide hit.  Whether you were of nobility or a pirate, there was nothing wrong with guzzling down a bottle of rum at any point in the day.  Now-a-days we try to be a little more discreet with it, with those pesky laws getting in the way of drinking in public.  Nevertheless, a drink that was once consumed straight from the bottle is now enjoyed as a mixed drink.  There are plenty of drinks that taste great with the sweet addition of rum, with many that you might not be familiar with.  So take a look below and see if any stand out to you.

Rum and Coke

A classic in every which way, Rum and Coke has been a staple in bars for decades now.  The rum mixes brilliantly with the sweet crisp taste of coke and the balance of alcohol and caffeine is stimulating.  A truly refreshing drink for those late evenings, or if you are just out chilling with friends.

Rum Screwdriver

This one actually surprised me a little — but not too much.  Rum was known to be consumed early in the day a few centuries back and now we can see why.  The Rum Screwdriver is a mix of a little bit of rum and orange juice; that’s right OJ.  It may not sound too appealing but the combination of the two gives off a sweet, fruity taste.  The tints of both drinks meld together well, leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Ginger Rum

A lot of people tend to mix rum with Sprite or Coke, but not too many have thought to combine rum with ginger ale.  The spicy taste of the ginger in ginger ale goes brilliantly with the sweetness of the rum to create a delicious concoction.  I think the reason people don’t combine them is because of the dislike for ginger ale as a whole.  I guess all that consumption of it when they were sick as kids made did them in to it.  I don’t blame them.

Tropical Rum Drinks

You can’t enjoy a beach vacation, whether it be a public beach or the Caribbean, without at least one tropical drink.  Whether its a minty Mojito or a fruity Pina Colada, there is a rum filled drink out there for every type of person.  Me?  I’ll take a little of everything.

Fountain Hill Rum Bomb (Beer + Rum)

The last is one that I would never have thought existed.  A lot of people are probably thinking, “beer and rum? Who in there right mind would drink that, it sounds terrible!”  Well, you never know, rum has a way of making every drink it’s mixed with pretty good.  Though the sour, bitter taste of beer doesn’t sound like it would mix with the sweet taste of rum, I was surprised after I combined the two.  Now remember, a Fountain Hill Rum Bomb is a mix of a “lager” and a shot of rum.  So be sure not to use an ale and anything more than a “shot” of the good stuff.  Personally I would suggest mixing the rum with something like a Corona.  Corona has long been combined with fruity ingredients, so mixing it with the rum made it quite enjoyable.  Not my personal favorite, but it wasn’t half bad.

Source: Personal experience and occasionally…..Wikipedia




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