11 10 2009

redskins ya

Well, the Redskins fell to the previously win-less Carolina Panthers today and I couldn’t be angrier at this team.  We were up 17-2 in the third quarter when the Panthers took control and scored the next 18 points.  What I don’t understand is why we didn’t come out in the second half with the same vigor we had in the first.  The Redskins need to realize that football is played across four quarters, not two.  Also, to the referee that gave the ball to the Panthers in the fourth quarter following that punt muff, I hope you take that rule to the commissioner and tell him it sucks.

Now with us being 2-3, and the easiest part of our schedule on its’ way out, I must reiterate that there isn’t much hope for the remainder of the Skins’ season.  If we’ve learned anything about the Redskins it is this:

  1. Campbell is not this team’s future franchise quarterback.  A slow mind under pressure and no field of vision definitely limit his potential as a quarterback.  Also, I would love to see him take one sack without fumbling the ball.
  2. Our secondary is incredibly overrated.  DeAngelo Hall has only made one good play this year and actually helped us lose the game by missing that tackle on Delhomme at the end.  How the hell do you miss a tackle one-on-one with a quarterback in his mid-thirties?  Also, Carlos Rogers continues to show that you don’t need much skill to get into the NFL.  When you don’t know how to catch a ball, it makes me wonder why you’re even on the field to begin with.
  3. Zorn and his offensive coaching staff need to leave at the end of the season.  The play-calling has been absolutely abysmal (see today’s running route for the safety before halftime) and he is 10-11 in his two seasons as coach.  When you are below .500 with a team with this much potential, it is obvious that you aren’t the right fit.
  4. Vinny needs to go . . . period.

Could go on but enough has been said at this point.  All I can hope for is a drastic turn-around, but I just don’t see it happening.




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