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Hey there and welcome to the blog of Branden Barrett. I am currently a freelancer whose always looking for available work in the field of video game journalism. At the moment I have a job with several video game groups, one of such being NSider2.com.  So head over there if you want to check out up-to-date reviews, previews, news, and so on within the world of Nintendo. Within the confines of this blog you can look forward to some rants, reviews, impressions, and other hijinks from the video game world.

I guess I’ll delve a little into my personal life.  I am currently 23 years old and live right smack dab in the center of Virginia, which is where I was born and raised (No Fresh Prince joke, sorry peeps).  I have completed most of my preliminary education and am now working on finishing my Bachelor of Science at Strayer University; where I hope to complete my degree this summer.  I specialize in Information Technology, with focuses on programming, databasing, and some light networking.  As a hobby I absolutely love writing, which is why I started a website called AnimeUltra back in 1999.  Just like any kid in the ninties, I loved Nintendo and. . . pretty much anything video game related.  With the introduction of Dragonball Z, I also started writing about anime as well and soon the hybridization of the two began.

After working on my own sites, I started freelance writing for multiple gaming sites starting in 2004.  The first of which was GameFAQs, followed by GameSpot and IGN; not as a paid editor, but as a user reviewer.  Soon I began writing for lesser known sites like HonestGamers.com and TotalGamerZone.com.  Though I wasn’t paid, my writing experience slowly grew and I was beginning to understand how to alternate styles and tones.  After a small limbo period, I was able to get a break writing for Cheat Code Central (cheatcc.com).  This was my first paid position and it was truly exciting to be able to write about games and ACTUALLY get paid for it.  Soon after I started taking on small jobs around the web, which is pretty much where I’m at today.  My ultimate goal, like many other aspiring writers/bloggers, is to be able to get an editor position at a top gaming site.

All in all, I’ve been wanting to get a blog going for a while now and decided to use WordPress after seeing several of the Gamespot editors using it. Still need to improve the layout and format, but that will come when I get enough free time to play around with this thing. Also, if you want to check out some of my earlier reviews from my user account days on Gamespot and GameFAQs, head over to this link.

Take it easy and welcome to the void.


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15 06 2009

Hi Brandon,

Hereby I would like to invite you to join the Gameleon Videogame Press Network Beta.

Gameleon.net is a new social networking hub for both professional and volunteer members of the video game industry’s press corps and other videogame related professionals.

To join the beta, follow the instructions on the link below:


Looking forward to seeing you there,


Gameleon.net – The Videogame Press Network

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