E3 – Shigeru Miyamoto Hints at a New Zelda Wii

2 06 2009


A few moments ago at his annual developer’s speech, Miyamoto mentioned a Zelda title in the works for the Wii.  There isn’t much information about it, in fact, at the moment there are only sketches of some main characters.  Regardless, it is always good to hear about a new Zelda in the vein of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

Miyamoto went on to say that the game would feature a more mature Link, perhaps even older than the one seen in Twilight Princess.  This would be interesting to say the least, as most of the Link’s in the last few Zelda titles have been a tad younger (Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass).  The new Zelda title will also most likely utilize the new MotionPlus device, which will make combat even more accurate.

That’s all for now, but check back as the information continues to pour in.

Source: Kotaku.com


E3 – Metroid: Other M Impressions

2 06 2009

SamusAranSamus is back and in a whole new dimension

Toward the end of the Nintendo conference earlier this morning, everyone had seen just about enough of charts, tween games, and odd peripherals (vitality checker?) — WTF indeed.  Thankfully, Reggie himself stepped onto the scene and introduced the core gamers to a variety of games, the last of which being the most surprising of them all.  No it wasn’t the fact that it was Metroid, we knew it was coming; it was how it was presented that stunned us.

Third person perspective?  Team Ninja? Voice acting?


The newly titled Metroid: Other M seems to take place after the Metroid Prime Trilogy, with the emphasis on a possible new Metroid fighter.  The title “Other M” seems to indicate that Samus may be replaced in this new adventure, or perhaps step out of the spotlight for a bit.  Glad to see a Nintendo character that is willing to avoid the limelight for a while; yea, I’m talking to you Link and Mario.

Anyway, on closer inspection one can see that the game will take place in a third person perspective, with a mix of 2D and 3D elements surrounding the environment.  This is a welcome change, as the Metroid franchise was originally supposed to be a third person side-scroller/adventure.  Now I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy the Prime series (well maybe Corruption), but it is good to see the franchise return to its roots (in some ways).


With the recent news of Itagaki and most of his team leaving Team Ninja, it will be interesting to see how to remaining staff do with Other M.  From the trailer, it looks like several mechanics from Ninja Gaiden are already present in the game.  That being the advanced storyline and the acrobatic moves that Samus shows the first few minutes in.  Ridley looks bad-ass and better than ever, and the visuals, though unpolished, look to be some of the best the Wii has to offer.  As said earlier, it seems that Nintendo and its second parties are the only ones who can truly draw out the full power of the system . . . lazy third party developers.

The game is still far from completion, so there will definitely be more to come.  In the mean time check out the trailer from the game shown at E3 earlier today — definitely some hot stuff here.

Thanks to Youtube for the link.

E3 – Perfect Dark Coming to XBLA Later This Year

2 06 2009


Ah the good ol’ days of my youth.

Sitting around the couch and playing Perfect Dark inside the house on a hot summer day.  Whether it was the excellent four player action or the engaging sci-fi esque campaign, Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 still stands as one of Rare’s greatest achievements.  Though it has had contractual issues in the past, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb confirmed today that the 1998 FPS will debut on the XBLA this winter, in full 1080p.

It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering that Banjo Tooie was recently released on the Xbox 360’s premier arcade system.  While some Nintendo fans may be disappointed, at least they didn’t have to trudge through the borefest that was Perfect Dark Zero.  You know what they say, “always learn from your mistakes.”

Source: http://twitter.com/majornelson/statuses/2008690137