Final Fantasy XIII Revealed To Debut This Winter In Japan

14 04 2009


Final Fantasy XIII has been anticipated for close to half a decade now; since everyone knows that XI was not a true Final Fantasy title (zing!)  Nevertheless, this announcement surprisingly didn’t come through a press release.  Supposedly a Final Fantasy XIII demo, that is to be released with the Blu-Ray version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, has a special message toward the end of its session.  A message that says the following:

Final Fantasy XIII

Thank You For Playing!

Coming Winter 2009


Earlier in the year Square-Enix commented that they definitely would like to see XIII release by the end of the year.  Why?  Well who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the holiday season (cha-ching!)  Though this is still largely unconfirmed, fans of the popular RPG series finally have something to get excited about; well that and the fact that Final Fantasy VII just came out on the Japanese PSN.


Hooray for JRPGs!