Nostalgic Music 10

9 10 2009

Today on Nostalgic Music we go back to the middle of the nineties, when the SNES was on its’ way out and the N64 was kicking off the new generation for Nintendo.  One of those games that made the SNES farewell one to remember was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.  A game overlooked by many, Mario RPG was the joint effort of two of the greatest companies in gaming history: Squaresoft and Nintendo.  Alone they were fierce, but together they were a force no one wanted to deal with.  Combining Nintendo’s finest characters with Squaresoft’s RPG elements and sound crafting, Super Mario RPG stands as one of the most beloved games in history.

The song I’ve chosen for this game is undeniably the most popular, since it involves a certain mysterious protagonist; yeah, you know who I’m talking about.  Mario and Mallow teaming up with Geno against Bowyer was a hilarious moment, made even better with the following track — enjoy the Forest Maze.

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Nostalgic Music 9

4 10 2009

It certainly has been a while since I’ve done one of these.  I suppose I might as well start off where I left off.

Today on Nostalgic Music we take a page from one of Squaresoft’s (now Square-Enix) finest works: Chrono Cross.  Though many felt that the sequel lacked in comparison to its’ predecessor, Chrono Trigger, that was mainly just a lot of loose nostalgia.  Chrono Cross was as good as Trigger, with a lot of the title’s emphasis being on the story, visuals, and of course, the music.  The track I picked today happens to be the most popular song in the RPG’s arsenal of classics.  Enjoy . . . the Scars of Time.

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Nostalgic Music 8 – Pokemon Edition

10 05 2009

Today on Nostalgic Music we go back 11 years to the dawn of the original Pokemon game.  I can recall getting a strange video tape in the mail from Nintendo titled “The Newest Phenomenon – Pokemon (Pocket Monsters).”  Now being as young and excitable as a twelve year old could be, I was ecstatic about this new game.  A few months later we were greeted with Pokemon Blue and Red for the original Game Boy; the neighborhood would never be the same.  From then on me and my friends were obsessed with anything pokemon related.  From the games and cards to the television show and toy collectibles, the Pokemon phenomenom had begun.  Now here we are eleven years later, still buying the new releases and remakes of the originals we played nearly a decade ago.  Nintendo sure does know our weaknesses.

In honor of the announcement of a remake for Gold and Silver this week, today’s music will focus on the past.  This is the final battle music from Pokemon Blue and Red; a thrilling track that made the final confrontation with Gary that much more enjoyable.

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Nostalgic Music 7

7 05 2009

Today on Nostalgic Music we venture to the past, but somehow also into the future.  Confused?  Well you should be.  Mega Man has always been a staple in the collections of video gamers everywhere and the “X series” was no exception.  With improved visuals, mechanics, and a rockin’ soundtrack, Mega Man X was one of the best in the series.  Speaking of the soundtrack, here is the music you hear when selecting the boss you wish to battle: Stage Select.  Enjoy.

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Nostalgic Music 6

4 05 2009

Today on Nostalgic Music we head back to the start of the new millenium.  Now, the Dreamcast had some stellar games, especially in the role playing department.  One of these games was Grandia II, which was the game that put the series on the map.  Since its release on the Dreamcast it has been remade as a PlayStation 2 game, as well as been given a sequel: Grandia III.  Grandia II had a lot of fantastic musical scores, but one of the greatest had to be this little diddy by Elena the Priestess.  Enjoy the serenade, A Deus:

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Nostalgic Music 5

3 05 2009

Today on Nostalgic Music, we go back to the nineties to relive the music of a Nintendo classic: Donkey Kong Country 2.  DKC2 had some of the best video game music for its time, with a unique mix of mystery and imagery.  This particular track from the game is from Stickerbush Symphony, a level many players will remember as frustrating.  The music was anything but though, so enjoy.

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Nostalgic Music 4

28 04 2009

This time on Nostalgic Music, we go back to the early nineties.  Konami truly outdid themselves with the transition from Gradius II to III, and the end result created some of the finest music I’ve ever heard from the genre.  Though no tracks are available, the following video showcased the sounds from the very first level of the game.  Fantastic stuff.

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