Where On Earth Is My Pilotwings Sequel?

10 04 2009


“Hard to believe it’s been 13 years since this gem came out.  I feel old.”

The Nintendo 64 was truly one of a kind.  Though it was overlooked in every which way but loose in favor of the CD using Playstation, it still had some of the greatest classics in all of gaming.  Who could forget the universally accepted Ocarina of Time, the revolutionary platforming giant Mario 64, or the hilariously crude Conker’s Bad Fur Day?  The dominant years of the 64, from 1996 to the dawn of the new millennium, contained some of my funnest gaming moments.  Yet, for every popular gem there is a diamond in the rough.  An overlooked title that goes ignored due to either lack of publicity or just being released at the wrong time.  The game I talk about is none other than “that other” release title, which debuted with Mario 64 in September of 1996 . . . Pilotwings 64.



Yea, I’m aware there was a Pilotwings on the SNES, but the problem is that not a lot of people got to play it.  It was even more obscure than its 64 compatriot for goodness sake.  Nevertheless, Pilotwings 64 was special not because of its action sequences, but the mellow theme it brought to the table.  Some gamers play games for the adrenaline, the action, and the intensity.  Others though, play for a different reason — to relax.  After a long day at school there was nothing better than coming home and popping in Pilotwings for a few hours.  Whether it was hang-gliding over a mountainside or throwing on the Birdman outfit for some spelunking, Pilotwings 64 was unmatched amongst the flight simulation genre.  Microsoft Flight Simulator?  Yea. . . I want a title that relaxes me not puts me to sleep.


“Hmmmm . . . looks a tad different from when I last visited Mount Rushmore.”

It has been nearly 13 years now since the last Pilotwings and I have to wonder, where is my Pilotwings sequel?  The title definitely had enough of a cult following to deserve another sequel.  The Wii controller, if done well with the game, could also bring about a new element to the series, which was always about timing, precision, and alertness.  At times Pilotwings even felt like an adventure or platforming game, rather than a traditional flight simulator.  It was because of Nintendo’s unique humor and imagination that allowed Pilotwings 64 to be the kind of game which all games should be: fun.  So hurry the hell up Nintendo, I need my Pilotwings fix.

On that note, I leave you with this.  Enjoy.