Nostalgic Music 8 – Pokemon Edition

10 05 2009

Today on Nostalgic Music we go back 11 years to the dawn of the original Pokemon game.  I can recall getting a strange video tape in the mail from Nintendo titled “The Newest Phenomenon – Pokemon (Pocket Monsters).”  Now being as young and excitable as a twelve year old could be, I was ecstatic about this new game.  A few months later we were greeted with Pokemon Blue and Red for the original Game Boy; the neighborhood would never be the same.  From then on me and my friends were obsessed with anything pokemon related.  From the games and cards to the television show and toy collectibles, the Pokemon phenomenom had begun.  Now here we are eleven years later, still buying the new releases and remakes of the originals we played nearly a decade ago.  Nintendo sure does know our weaknesses.

In honor of the announcement of a remake for Gold and Silver this week, today’s music will focus on the past.  This is the final battle music from Pokemon Blue and Red; a thrilling track that made the final confrontation with Gary that much more enjoyable.

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Pokemon Gold and Silver Remakes Officially Announced!

7 05 2009


Well it looks like the announcement that we were all expecting finally came today.  Pokemon Gold and Silver, which many believe were the best two in the series, will be remade and available in Japan this fall.  The remakes will be called Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver, and most likely will feature some new additions, alongside that great sixteen gym adventure that the originals were famous for.

Based on the Japanese release date for the games, we can probably expect NA versions sometime between the spring and summer of 2010.  Just how long can the now 11 year old series continue to remain at the top?  Well, as long as people are willing to buy the games, and it looks to me like they haven’t had enough.  One thing is for certain though, capturing Ho-Oh and Lugia on the DSi will no doubt bring back some memories.

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Pokemon Gold and Silver to Return?

3 05 2009



Earlier today a Japanese television show was going over some Pokemon news, showcasing some interesting looking props.  These props were in the form of pokeballs, with one being gold and the other silver.  What does this mean?  Well couple that with the fact that they announced that a new Pokemon game will be coming soon and I think we can draw a conclusion: Pokemon Gold and Silver are going to be remade!

This is great news, as I thought that the Gold/Silver/Crystal line were the best in the Pokemon series.  Debuting back in 2002, Pokemon Gold and Silver were a big accomplishment not only in the game series, but for role playing games as well.  Between the combination of two worlds (Kanto and Johto), 100 new pokemon, and in-game battle tower, Gold and Silver were some of the most lengthy Game Boy games at the time.



The big question though is what would they call it?  The Pokemon Red and Blue remakes were called LeafGreen and FireRed respectively, so what should these two be called?  GoldYellow and SilverGrey?  Yea I know these ideas don’t sound great, but then that’s why I’m not paid to develop these games.  Nevertheless, look forward to the finalized announcement later this month.

Source: BulbaNews